Actions speak louder than words?

In a conversation that has come up before regarding the differences between male and female perception, a rather disturbing scenario was introduced; would you rather walk in on your spouse having sex with another man/woman OR would you rather walk in and hear your significant other telling someone else (whether it be on the phone or in person) that they love them? Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way, BOTH scenarios suck.  The question lies in which one would you rather have (of the suckable scenarios, and YES, you have to pick one).  I’ve seen this scenario presented to many different groups before and I’d say that 99% of the time the answers are the same.  Men will say they’d rather walk in on their wife saying “I love you” to someone else.  Women will say they’d rather catch their spouse in the act.  Now the scenario has a caveat of which of these situations could you live with.  So assume that there is no divorce that follows the suckable offense.  I don’t understand the female angle, and female’s don’t understand the man’s side of it either.  Think about it folks.  Feel free to comment on what you think (it’d be great if you just identified if you were male or female (or both?) if you respond).

Mmmm, Ketchup, you would make me so much more delicious! Ohhh, sorry...umm of course I knew your name was Mustard! Girrllll, I was just playin' with ya...I love you (Ketchup...)?

(Mario Winans is in that 1% of guys who are weird….You better effin’ believe I’d wanna know!  And yes, this song is what sparked the initial conversation)


9 thoughts on “Actions speak louder than words?

  1. Jeebah says:

    I’m a male, I’d rather walk in on her saying I love you. Sucks that I still have to live with her (according to your scenario) knowing I’m not the love of her life but I simply can not have some other dude… F that noise. M.O.B!!! (j/k) :p

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lmao im such a girl and statistic

  3. Omar N says:

    I hope I walk in on her with a woman, and to make good she lets me in on the action….we would then agree to never discuss it.

  4. Screw her either way. I would rather hear her say I love you. If I saw her gettin’ jiggy with it that would destroy my self-esteem forever. No one’s pulling a Mr. Steal yo girl on me.

  5. jdeena says:

    I know I will have many of you jump down my throat when I say this, but I’m going to say that as a female I’d rather walk in on my husband having sex with another woman than saying he loves her. Why? It’s simple…sex is just an act, an animalistic hunger that consumes us physically. I would rather my husband be consumed with that need than to know I do not stimulate him emotionally. I would rather have his heart than his libido. Sex is just sex, and if I had to live with one of these two options I’d rather it be the first.

  6. jadolous says:

    I def will never get the female take on this…if sex is just an act, then words can just be words too. And if you had his heart, he wouldn’t have slept with another woman…..just my thoughts…..

  7. jdeena says:

    You could say that, but men cheat with sex more than they do with emotion so as a female I’d prefer him doing that than telling another woman he loves her (of course this is all relative to the notion that when he said he loves me he actually meant it.) 🙂

  8. Jeebah says:

    I guess there is the gender angle that plays a role that we may have overlooked. There’s a difference between breaking and entering then just trespassing. There’s more violations with the entering part… I really don’t know how else to say it while staying P.C… lol

  9. jdeena says:

    So does that mean that as males you guys don’t want another guy to “play with your toy” so-to-speak? Is it a sense of pride or do you just have a possession mode when it comes to the intimate part of the relationship?

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