New York Jests

Tim Tebow is a New York Jet.  Wow.  Now the team that already had a quarterback who couldn’t throw the ball has, get this, ANOTHER quarterback who can’t throw the ball.  I have no idea why the Jets would make this trade, unless Dr. Frankenstein somehow works for them.  Maybe he could take Tebow’s ‘will’, Sanchez’s looks, and maybe their kickers throwing arm?  This move is stupid for the Jets, and the media is just gonna run wild with this.  For every Mark “Pick 6” Sanchez mistake, the fans will be clamoring for Tebow.  New York was already loud and obnoxious, I don’t think anybody is ready for what’s coming next.

Sanchez: "Hey bro, is there anyone on this team that can throw the ball?"
Tebow: "NOT IT!!"

One thought on “New York Jests

  1. WHY?!?!!?! I really don’t get this move at all, two mediocre QBs? Makes no sense. Just for the record though, in his first 3 seasons, Eli Manning has more turnovers than Sanchez so there’s that little bit of hope I can hold on to. Sigh.

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