What comes first?

Early morning routine, alarms (7 of em) rings, hit the snooze button (17 times at least, not even kidding), finally drag my ass out of bed and hop (I don’t literally hop, although one day I might try it) into the shower. I’m assuming that most of you go through this same kinda thing in the morning (even though I know that 90% of you don’t shower, ever, you know who you are).  So I don’t know bout y’all but that water gets me to thinking (a dangerous thing I know).  So I contemplate world peace, and ways to better society (more like what am I getting for lunch and when do I get off work).  But today, something else came to mind; as I reached out for the bathroom condiments (body wash and shampoo/conditioner, yes I use Pert Plus, don’t judge me, it keeps my hair silky smooth), I wondered, which one of these am I actually supposed to use first?  My normal routine is shampoo/conditioner first and then the body wash.  I figure start at the top, let the unclean stuff from my hair be cleaned and if it gets on my body, then I’ll use the body wash anyway (simple gravity, thank you Sir Isaac Newton!).  Today I wanted to live on the edge, so I tried the body wash first, then went for the shampoo/conditioner.  It felt weird. And wrong, really wrong.  I felt like I had just cheated on my non-existent wife.  It was that different of a feeling.  So of course to get myself to feel normal again, I immediately then used the body wash again.  Now to me, all is right with the world.  Is there a right or a wrong way? Do people do this any differently? I know I’ve thought of this before and talked to people about it (and I know they all thought I was crazy), but seriously, what is the right way to do it? Maybe if we all start doing the small things ‘correctly’ we can make the world a better place.  Hahaha, nah, that definitely won’t happen.  Does anybody know the answer?!?

Does this picture make anybody else wanna pee too?

2 thoughts on “What comes first?

  1. UNC Princess says:

    “When showering, wash and shampoo your hair first and then begin to clean your face and body. The hot water opens up your pores and the shampoo and conditioner will leave a residue on your skin that may promote the breakout of acne on both your face and on your back if not properly rinsed away.” guidetoclearskin.com

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. What if you shave your head? Does the order matter?

    2. What if you stand upside down in the shower?!?!?! ohhhhhhhhh

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