That little surprise at the end

There are some things in life that will bring you joy that can’t be quantified.  For some it’s that special someone, a family member, a best friend, a pet, or maybe even a vacation.  For me, it’s a Blow Pop.  Seriously, these things are incredible.  It starts off as a delicious lollipop and as you get sad that your lollipop is coming to an end, and all that deliciousness won’t be there for you anymore, BOOM! Surprise bitches, you got yourself a piece of gum.  If you are lucky you might get reminants of the actually lollipop part mixed into the gum, and woooo boy, if that’s that case you are one fortunate son of a gun.  Now, there is one downside to the Blow Pop, the gum flavor literally only lasts for about 18.3 seconds.  Come on Charms (the company that makes them, get with it people), figure out a way to make your product unstoppable.  Find gum that will last for at least 10 minutes, please!  I guarantee you that sells will increase by 8 billion percent.  Everyone will be having a Blow Pop when you see them.  I envision a world where Blow Pops are king (or maybe prince, since I will be king of the world).  We would have Blow Pop parties, and when the moment of transition from lollipop to gum happens, SHAZAAAM, everybody rejoices aloud and there will be much happiness and little sorrow. Ahh, that’d be the life, you can’t beat happiness and delicious, you just can’t.   So as I sit here enjoying my 19th Blow Pop of the day, I appeal to you all to get back on this Blow Pop kick (you know damn well you were doing work on these things in the 3rd grade), and write letters to Congress requesting that they put better gum inside.  It’s the little things that matter people.  With us having Congress/President/neighbors/homeless guy on the street/smelly guy on the metro/sisters (pretty much same as smelly guy on the metro) all supporting this cause, we CAN make a change, we CAN get better gum, we CAN make me even happier, and maybe, just maybe we can then all live in peace (investing in Blow Pops now before the company goes ‘Apple’ on everyone).

I wish I had this costume (sadface). I'd be so delicious!

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One thought on “That little surprise at the end

  1. Omar N says:

    Replacing the word “pop” with “job” makes this article 30 times more exciting.

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