What happened to TV?

So this whole IDSIAT bracket idea has made me realize that TV sucks now.  What the hell happened to the good shows?  I can think of 20 1980’s or 1990’s shows that were great, but it took me hours to find 16 good shows on today.  So hate if you must, but it’s not my fault that the world kinda sucks now.

2010-today bracket

1. Game of Thrones vs. 16. NCIS (any of them)

Watch GOT, if you aren’t watching, you are missing out

8. Eastbound and Down vs. 9. Glee

Insanely stupid (in a good way) comedy vs. a musical

4. Hawaii Five-O vs. 13. Weeds

Remake that’s better than the original vs. drug dealing suburbia

5. Chuck vs. 12. White Collar

Two vastly underrated television shows

2. Spartacus vs. 15. Castle


7. Person of Interest vs. 10. Modern Family

The guy from Passion of Christ and the guy from LOST vs. a bunch of people doing funny things

3. Mad Men vs. 14. The Vampire Diaries

If you like hot chicks, watch these shows, seriously, yumm

6. The League vs. 11. Breaking Bad

Fantasy football friends vs. Meth heads?


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One thought on “What happened to TV?

  1. UNC Princess says:

    16. NCIS (any of them)
    9. Glee
    4. Hawaii Five-O
    12. White Collar
    15. Castle
    7. Person of Interest
    3. Mad Men
    6. The League

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