The shows of the next century lead off the next part of our IDSIAT bracket.  It became less hard to pick shows, as the quality of shows diminished considerably.  Rather than facing a challenge of picking 16 of 30 shows, it became just a challenge to find 16 shows that were quality.  It’s a top heavy bracket, and I’m sure many of you DVR’d the hell out of these shows.  The 2000’s started a trend where the best shows were no longer on network TV.  The ‘Cable Age’ is upon us.

2000’s here ya go:

Top Seed, can they take on the cable television age to advance to the Championship? "WAALLLLLLLLTTTTTT"

1. LOST vs. 16. 30 Rock

Drama vs. Comedy, smoke monster vs. Alec Baldwin

8. Sex and the City vs. Two and a Half Men

Stupid show about girls vs funny show about guys

4. The Sopranos vs. 13. Scrubs

Gangsters who killed people vs. Doctors who saved people in a funny fashion

5. 24 vs. 12. Heroes

Jack Bauer vs. X-men Jr. (Heroes had so much potential)

A formidable starting 5, leading the charge against network television

2. Entourage vs. 15. Nip/Tuck

The 2 shows based on vanity and craziness.  Vinny Chase and the boys have a considerable advantage

7. Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. 10. Grey’s Anatomy

This should be an interesting matchup of 2 totally different shows

3. The Office vs. 14. Dexter

That’s what she said…

6. Arrested Development vs. 11 Desperate Housewives

Completely different dysfunctional shows


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One thought on “Y2K

  1. UNC Princess says:

    I can honestly say that I did not watch any of these shows. So that must mean I did not watch TV from the years 2000 to 2009. But of course, I still have an opinion…

    1. LOST
    8. Sex and the City
    13. Scrubs
    12. Heroes
    2. Entourage
    7. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    3. The Office
    6. Arrested Development

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