If I Could Turn Back Time….

Let me start this out with a giant EFF YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.  Seriously, whoever the idiot was that came up with changing time (particularly losing an hour in spring) needs to be tied to a post and have everyone get a chance to punch them anywhere (that’s right ANYWHERE).  Why can’t we just leave the damn time alone.  No bonus hour in the fall, and no losing that one hour of sleep in the spring.  Seems easy, right? I don’t care that I get an extra hour of daylight, I really don’t (for those of you so excited about it, why didn’t you just wake up earlier assholes?).  I’d rather get back my extra hour of sleep.  Losing an hour of sleep affects my entire week (and in the end, isn’t this really about my needs?).  ‘Spring Forward’ and ‘Fall Back’ should be replaced by ‘Just Stay The Same Dammit.’  Annoying people, be forewarned, stay away from me this week, I will not tolerate your stupidity.  Daylight savings time, I curse you, for you are the only time that ‘time travel’ (and I’m not talkin’ Delorean) ain’t cool.

Mondays and Daylight Savings Time are responsible for the deaths of innocent Pandas. I'm serious, look it up.

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