Bubbles, Madness, and The Big Dance

In the next few hours many college basketball teams/fans will have their hearts broken.  For them, ‘Madness’ turns to ‘Sadness.’  As a fan of college basketball, I have witnessed my team be on the outside of the ‘bubble’ looking in far too many times (seriously, this shit is getting annoying, we better make it in this year dammit!).  The heartbreak and failure over the years does not diminish, instead it draws you closer to your team, and magnifies the pain with every shortcoming. ‘On the bubble,’ leads to invitations for the most glorious party in the land. 68 teams enter the ‘Big Dance,’ all wanting to be the Cinderella of the ‘Ball.’ All are looking for their dance partner to carry them into the next round, yet each day, half of their dreams are shattered, tears flowing from their eyes.  This coming month brings fans, alumni, and students closer to their teams…and closer to heartache, for at the end of the tunnel, there is no light for 67 teams.  For them, the joy, happiness, and excitement of making it to the ‘dance’ will long have passed.  For them, the clock has indeed struck midnight, and they realize that the glass slipper does not fit.  But for one team and one team alone, “One Shining Moment” comes.  For them, there is the glory, the bragging rights, and the crown that comes with being champion.  For the rest of us, there is next year, there is always next year.  Let all buzzer beaters, bad calls, losses, and wins carry us through another ‘March Madness,’ and maybe, just maybe, this year it’s our team that rises to the top of the mountain.

Let our team's Jimmy V guide us through the madness that is March.

(If we get in off that damn bubble, let us dance far into the tournament.  Go Wolfpack!)

One thought on “Bubbles, Madness, and The Big Dance

  1. Laura says:

    Hell yeah! Go Wolfpack!! “Rebounds and long shots, slam dunks to shut the door, the magic doesn’t happen ’til the one last second…score!”

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