When Things Get Messi

Yesterday, in a UEFA Champions League 2nd Leg match against Bayern Leverkusen, Lionel Messi scored 5.  That’s right, 5 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5!).  On this remarkable night in Barcelona, Messi became the first player in Champions League history to score 5 goals in one game.  Two years ago, he scored 4 goals in one game against Arsenal, but he outdid himself yesterday.  Barcelona won the match 7-1, pushing them through to the quarterfinals of what some would argue is the world’s most important soccer tournament.  Obviously, I am a big fan of this guy.  He seems to do it the right way.  He’s quiet, he plays within the system, he’s not a drama queen (ahem CR7), and he finishes beautifully when his team needs it the most.  Is he the greatest of all time? It’s too hard to compare players from different generations due to competition and the evolution of the game itself, but he is definitely already one of the greatest of all time.  His club glory hasn’t translated over to his national team (not to the fault of him), but if it ever does, the arguments against him as the greatest ever will drop.  Even Pele might have to start giving him props. We’ll save the debating for another time, for now, let’s sit back and enjoy Leo, and next time if you’re an opposing fan, just pray you don’t hear me sayin “Things just got Messi.”



One thought on “When Things Get Messi

  1. Jonni says:

    This is the ideal answer. Evnoryee should read this

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