Oh the Places He Can Go…

At some point before the March 8th (most likely early today) deadline for his $28 million bonus, Peyton Manning will be cut by the Indianapolis Colts.  I’ll save all the tearful goodbyes and reminiscing to someone else.  I’m here to try and start figuring out where he ends up next.  The frontrunners for his services belong to the Miami Dolphins (is he taking his talents to South Beach?) and the Washington Redskins (ironically, the team that actually started his whole injury problem).  The not so frontrunners include the Seattle Seahawks (Let him join Beastmode), Arizona Cardinals (Kevin Kolb who?), New York Jets (Sanchez sucks) and the Tennessee Titans (Play the Colts twice in a season, yes please?). For my money, the real 2 options come down to the best places to live out of these teams, so here we go.

"It's down to 2 teams guys! Hut, hut, HIKE"

Why Miami?  It’s Miami, the weather is nice, they have a nice core of skill players (Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, Devon Bess), a young offensive line, and the defense improved throughout the season.  The weather is nice there (except for the hot ass summers) and there are tons of things to do at night (pretty sure that’s not what Peyton does). Why not Miami? He’d have to play Tom Brady twice a year, they might be a few years away, and their fans aren’t very knowledgeable and are front runners (see the Miami Heat and the Marlins when they make the playoffs).

Why Washington? The nation’s capital.  One of the best defenses in the NFL.  Lots of money.  Traffic.  Solid nightlife.  All 4 seasons.  That’s about it. Oh and lots of money. What can money do? It can get him some of his old buddies like Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday.  With the cap space and the fact that Dan Snyder has never been shy to spend, the ‘Skins could give Manning the Colts version 2.0 with a better, younger defense.  Why not DC? He’d be playing in one of the toughest divisions in football, he’d play his brother Eli twice a year, and he’d be playing for the Devil’s nephew, Dan Snyder.

Who gets the edge? It’s all gonna depend on who Peyton wants to bring along with him.  If he wants some old friends and a boatload of money, the Redskins have an edge, if he wants younger talent around him and one of the best club scenes in America, the Dolphins get the edge.  Obviously after speaking to Manning (that didn’t actually happen), he didn’t tell me anything either way.  Watch him pick a team I didn’t even talk about.  The team that does land him will instantly be a legit contender for their division at the very least, and in lesser ways a Super Bowl threat.

In 1998, he was taken first overall, 14 years later he’s being cut to save $28 million.  One of the greatest NFL players of all time is getting cut, and I’m not gonna lie, it makes plenty of ‘Cents.’

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