Boba Fett and the NFL

This won’t be long I promise.  This whole “Bounty” thing is really a non story.  It’s the freakin’ NFL!  These guys are out there hitting each other the whole game.  The big hits are what get the fans into the game.  Of course you’d rather hit the other teams best player the hardest, you’d stand a better chance to win with them on the sidelines.  Why is this such a big deal?  OK, granted, intentionally injuring people is pretty shitty, but it works both ways.  From listening to all the former players talk about it, this thing was done with every team, meaning every player knew they were a potential target.  Again, trying to get someone carted off is a dick thing to do, but if your intent isn’t to hit the guy as hard as you can every down, then I need you off the field immediately.  There are gonna be fines, suspensions, loss of draft picks, and an example made of all those involved.  I get it, but in the end, it’s part of the game.  Hey commish, loosen up, tell everyone to keep it within the rules of the game, and just let em play.  If you keep trying to change the game, pretty soon it won’t be football anymore. Let’s just keep it clean guys.

Image from Washington Post online

2 thoughts on “Boba Fett and the NFL

  1. Rbad says:

    I disagree. Its one thing to have a mentality to make big hits when needed, its another to encourage such action with monetary gain. The wall street journal had a good article about it today citing some of the potential hits that could have earned the players money and also adding that it wasn’t that many hits. However, in my opinion, one hit meant to purposefully knock a player out of the game is one too many.

  2. jadolous says:

    You can disagree, sure, but if you aren’t tackling to go through somebody, then you aren’t tackling right. Football is, by nature, a violent sport. The concussions and things we see are a by product of the game. The big hits are a by product of the game. In any sport, you attack a players weakness. If someone in basketball has a hurt wrist, you make sure when you foul them, you hit their arm. This “Bounty” system is just more of a redundancy. The players should have been gameplanning to take out the best players anyway, but within the rules of the game, if it’s a legal hit and someone gets hurt, that’s just life. They know the risks of the game, and they get paid (ridiculously well) to play the game.

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