Let’s Get Political…Political

You wouldn’t think it from my other posts, but I’m a pretty worldly fella.  I dabble in some politics every now and then mostly because of the unintentional humor the debates and discussions provide.  The Republican candidates are something else when it comes to sanity and common sense.  I can’t lie to you and tell you I actually understand what any of the candidates are talkin’ about.  That’s where Bad Lip Reading comes in.  The guys at BLR have made normal videoclips dubbed with “sound bites” that actually seem to make more sense than the candidates themselves.  This would seem to be a good thing until you actually listen to the hilarious outcome of the dubbing.  It might make MORE sense than what they really say, but it still doesn’t make ANY sense.  That’s the Republican party for ya at this point.  See for yourselves….

How it took me so long to find this site is beyond me, but man this cracks me up. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you actually understood what was being said in those videos, you probably have a career in politics ahead of you.

(The title is play on the old Olivia Newton-John song “Let’s Get Physical.” I was really hoping not to type an explanation of that, but after watching the Republican candidates I kinda lost all kinds of faith in society.)

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