Who would you rather have on your team?

Sometimes when we evaluate a player’s greatness we put too much emphasis on their size, their athleticism, and their star power.  Not here, not now, I’m using facts and statistics to make a comparison between 3 of the top “Bigs” in the NBA.

Here are their per game averages:

Player 1: 25.0 Points, 14.0 Rebounds, 0.53 Blocks, 1.00 Steals

Player 2: 21.4 Points, 11.4 Rebounds, 0.77 Blocks, 0.81 Steals

Player 3: 20.1 Points, 15.3 Rebounds, 2.20 Blocks, 1.46 Steals

Based on these numbers, offensively you would select Player 1, and defensively you would go with Player 3. Next I’ll give you their build:

Player 1: 6’10”,  260 lbs

Player 2:  6’10”,  251 lbs

Player 3:  6’11”,  265 lbs

Did you guess who the 3 players are yet?

Player 1 – Kevin Love, Player 2 – Blake Griffin, Player 3 – Dwight Howard.

So what is the point of all this? Well because I’m starting to think that maybe Dwight Howard isn’t that once in a generation talent combination of athleticism and skill that we are all putting him on a pedestal of being.  I love the guy as a player, and he seems like a good dude, but damn, he should definitely be averaging more points per game and be that game changer on the offensive end.  No offense Dwight, (get it, no Offense) but you could do better.

Side note, I  just got a ton of more respect for Kevin Love after doing this research (the guy even shoots 3’s!).

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