3 Signs that the End of the World is Near

Lately I’ve started worrying more and more about the end of the world.  With this comes inner reflection, reaching out to others for explanation, and covering my ears and curling up in the fetal position crying.  Was I deeply touched by something spiritual? Did something life altering happen? No. I just turned on the radio and kept hearing the shrieks of these evil demons emerging from the far reaches of Hades.

1. Lady Gaga –  She scares the shit out of me. If someone told me that Lady Gaga was coming over to a party, I would probably pee myself out of fear of death.  Have you seen the way she dresses? Seriously, what the hell is she wearing? Does she own a normal outfit? Her chanting music just furthers her ties that the end is near. Just sayin’ if she plans a party on December 12, 2012, you gotta think somethings up right? Right?!?

2. Ke$ha – Really? A dollar sign in you name? If Diddy wasn’t your hookup, nobody on this planet would pay any attention to you.  Seeing as how she is part of the Diddy machine, we are subject to seeing her cracked out and with makeup smears all over her face.  I don’t know if that’s her look, or if she just doesn’t have any real friends telling her that she shouldn’t go out in public like that. She scares me for different reasons than Gaga, mostly because I’m just afraid Ke$ha would be that angry girl that would just stab people with infected syringes like in those psycho movies (if it happened in the movies then it’s happened in real life somewhere at some point!).

3. Nicki Minaj – Did you see her at the Grammy’s? Did you see her performance? I’m pretty sure if the Ghostbusters were real they would have been there with their proton packs strait blasting away at this demon child. What was she thinking? Is she a Freemason? Do Freemasons even do that? What do Freemasons actually do? Seriously what do they do??

I’m not gonna lie, I’m legit scared of all 3 of these people and their ties to the impending Day of Judgment.  Keep listening to their music at your own risk, but when Satan comes out on tour with these divas and makes you part of his zombie army, I’ll be hiding away in a secret government bunker out in Denver, sayin’ I told you so!!

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