What does ‘Beyond’ entail?

Aside from being the best store ever, the question “Hey does anybody wanna go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with me?” is one of the greatest and most effective pick up lines of all time.   Think about it.  So I was at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day shopping because of it’s fantasticalness (it’s my blog, I can make up words, shut up).   So I walked around the store checking out the awesomeness that is BBB and really wanted to buy pretty much everything I saw (but I digress).  So I go ask one of the ladies that works there for a globe.  She looks at me a little funny and is like “sir, we don’t sell that here.”  So after a little back and forth, she goes, “I guess you thought that was part of the ‘Beyond’ huh?” I hadn’t actually thought of that before, but her asking it  had me curious.  So I asked her what does the ‘Beyond’ actually stand for? She couldn’t tell me (that’s customer service for you).  She did venture to say the the ‘Beyond’ did not mean drugs or alcohol (glad we got that out the way captain obvious).

So, what the hell does the ‘Beyond’ in their name actually mean?  Does it stand for ‘beyond necessary’? Half the stuff I buy from there I don’t need but for some reason I want it? Or maybe it’s ‘beyond my control’ because when I am there shopping, I never take a list and just pretend I am in an old episode of ‘Supermarket Sweep’ gladly sliding my arms across shelves to fill my shopping cart with BBB goodies…..

Chalk up the meaning of ‘Beyond’ to another one of the world’s great mysteries like where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Seriously, does anybody know?

5 thoughts on “What does ‘Beyond’ entail?

  1. E Rock says:

    I think that “Beyond” stands for Beyond Unbelievable. Because when you walk out you’re like “WTF, i cant believe I left there with three toasters….again”. But seriously, “beyond” is beyond, like spaced out…..you know, that feeling you get with a hit of crack. Because BBB is crack.

  2. Ruba says:

    It would be a lifelong dream to be on Supermarket Sweep and heave 5 turkeys into my cart…cuz 5 is the limit of course.

  3. Stefan says:

    The beyond part is the saucy, steamy, tongues on skin, lips together, hands groping and bodies moving action that is bedtime fun times 😉 duh!

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  5. auuudriana says:

    My sister and I went there a couple of days ago to by something. They didn’t have it in stock at the store so they ordered it to be sent to her house and waived the shipping fee. The girl who was helping us got called on the walkie talkie and replied that she was doing a “beyond.” So my guess is that it’s going above and beyond to help your customers.

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