He done done it again!

In trying to change things up a little bit, LeBron James waited until 18.1 seconds were left in the 2012 All-Star game to turn into “Old LeBron”.  With the East trailing by 2 and inbounding the ball at half court the “King” got the pass dribbles for a few seconds then passes to an open Deron Williams for a 3 off of a screen.  Williams shot was nowhere close to going in, leaving a mad scramble for the ball, where AGAIN LeBron gets the ball and being the phenomenal closer that he is, takes the shot and….wait, no he doesn’t.  He passes it, AGAIN, but this time to the other team.  Needless to say another late game failure for King James.  His supporters will say “oh well it’s an All-Star game who cares?” and for the shortsighted that is true, but what this shows more than anything is that in a game of the BEST, he again is the BEST at deferring in the crunch time.  If you want to act like the greatest player, you kind of have to start acting like it when it matters. Can we just stop calling him “King” and start a  “Court Jester” nickname, because this guy is a clown in the crunch time.

“I can’t turn the ball over like that,” James said. “I let my team down, but overall, it was a great weekend.”  Yep, that’s right CJ (see above for the nickname), you let your team down….again.

For the Highlights (or Lowlights if you’re LeBron) start at 3:28 in this clip:

Quotation  from The Associated Press was used in this post.

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